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Latest projects
Machine at the Heart of the World image
Machine at the Heart of the World

Made in a week for 2018 #MonoGameJam, a very peculiar puzzle game inspired by The Witness. Understand the language of an unknown civilization using only experimentation and solve 65 challenging tablets to see if the stopped earth can move again.

Monstro: Battle Tactics image
Monstro: Battle Tactics

Monstro takes the traditional tRPG gameplay and reconstructs it into a completely deterministic, logical experience with a twist of tactics. All of this is spiced up with ridiculous, tongue-in-cheek lore and approachable difficulty.

Trans Neuronica image
Trans Neuronica

It awoke in a dark cavern, alone and artificial. Repairing its predecessor it seeks to understand the world around it and fulfill its primary objectives. A puzzle game about drawing lines Trans Neuronica will challenge your brains and wits.

King Dugan’s Dungeon Lite image
King Dugan’s Dungeon Lite

Beethro Budkin is a professional smitemaster, one of the best. But when he goes to clear King Dugan's dungeon things are not exactly the way they should be.

Archival projects

A pure puzzle about connecting stations using non-crossing paths with excellent chiptune soundtrack.

Rock Rush

It's a boulder dash, where rocks fall, gems collect, monsters chase, bombs explode and players enjoy.


An action game where you bounce Kulkis into colored blocks to destroy them while avoiding spikes


Match three blocks of the same color to clear up the stage, but beware, you get to move two blocks at once. With gravity. And sometimes you are short on colors.


A microscopic wave-based space shooter that has tiny player, miniscule enemies, fine bullets and petite upgrades.


Fight numerous waves of aliens space ships while slowly accumulating bigger and better arsenal.


Slimower is a very tiny platformer shooter where you mow down slimower over the course of five, repeating stages.

Ancient projects
Przygody WesoĊ‚ego Ludzika

The first ever PC game of Evidently Cube founder, a pretty awful platformer made in Klik and Play