About Evidently Cube

Evidently Cube has been founded on Janury the First, 2018 and took over from Retrocade.net. At its core it is run solely by me, Maurycy Zarzycki, the owner of the sole-proprietorship in Poland which is its base. But there is also Aleksander Kowalczyk, an amazing artist who’s also my old friend and with whom I created most of the games.

The abundance of names

Over the years I’ve released games under many names. My real name, Maurycy Zarzycki. In the Clickteam days I used Dead Zoft, Bicyk and skell. I released some games under Mauft.com (which was also the name of my company prior to Evidently Cube) and many under Retrocade.net. It’s all the same guy.

There is some more information about this matter in this blog post.


You can email me at maurycy@evidentlycube.com.


Maurycy Zarzycki Evidently Cube is a sole-proprietorship registered in Poland.