Poor Kulkis finds himself trapped in a series of underground chambers filled with colored blocks! Help him to escape by changing his colour, destroying the blocks, then reaching the exit. But beware! There are also spikes aplenty that could really burst our bouncy friend’s bubble…

Looping gif of completing level 3 in Kulkis
Full completion of level 3

Use the left and right keys to move the Kulkis around, and the up and down keys to increase or decrease its speed. You’ll need to make use of this in order to get through some of the trickier sections of the labyrinth unscathed.

To destroy blocks, first make sure the Kulkis is the same colour by hitting one of the oil-like patches scattered around the levels. You will frequently need to clear blocks in a specific order – bounce carefully in case you make clearing a level impossible! If this happens, simply hit the Escape key and reset the level. You can also redefine the controls from this menu.

Bounce yourself a path to freedom!

Kaizo mode

The game features a super hard version of levels called Kaizo mode, where each level is filled to the brim with spikes. It’s hard, it’s unfair but it’s certainly possible.

Animated gif of a number of failed attempts at level two in Kaizo mode
The second level in Kaizo mode

Play it now

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Kulkis screenshot of level 4 Kulkis screenshot of level 9 Kulkis screenshot of level 10 Kulkis screenshot of level 14 Kulkis screenshot of level 16 Kulkis screenshot of level 17