There is a certain beauty to tiny projects, both in the process of making them and in playing them. Created in mid 2011 over a short period of few months, Slimower is an example of a very focused game doing its thing quite decently.

In this game you control a gun-equipped protagonist running and jumping around trying to clear five stages of slimes. Each slime behaves differently and they become smarter and smarter as levels go on, able to target the player and even jump over pits.

Slimower is a very short game and completing it will likely take you less than 20 minutes but it still can be a satisfying experience. Curious souls may notice that the graphics are heavily inspired by the excellent Fury of the Furries’s first stage.

Play the game for free in your browser (required Flash player):

Play Slimower


Slimower screenshot with the title screen Slimower screenshot with the player collecting a coin Slimower screenshot with the player attacking and killing a slime Slimower screenshot with the player climbing a vertical level Slimower screenshot with a stage featuring a fancy pyramid