Pssst! We are working on a sequel to this game called Trans Neuronica. It has story, bosses, awesome music and a lot of new game elements! Did I say bossess? In a puzzle game?

Linx is a game of links. Links between stations. Links of various colors. Links that can never cross if their colors do not match. Links that you can’t make too long. The rules are simple – connect stations of the same color and don’t cross paths.

Linx is one of the ideas that seems to really resonate with everyone. People who never play puzzle games have praised this game for being something that they can just pick up, play and both feel challenged and have fun. So if you’re not one to play games that require a lot of thinking I hope this is enough to change your mind – it’s free after all!

And if you have any kind of color blindness or other issues which make perceiving colors difficult don’t worry too much. There is a color-blind mode which adds unique textures for every color (it’s not enabled by default because to increase readability they aren’t very pretty).

Play the game for free in your browser (required Flash player):

Play main game

Recommended for everyone.

Play easy levelset

Recommended for younger children or people who just want to relax.

Play hard levelset

Recommended for people looking for a challenge.


Linx screenshot, title screen Linx screenshot, level selection screen Linx screenshot, almost complete solution to a simple tri-color level Linx screenshot, tutorial to wildcards Linx screenshot, a pretty complex multi-color and multi-station level