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Our projects
Trans Neuronica

It awoke in a dark cavern, alone and artificial. Repairing its predecessor it seeks to understand the world around it and fulfill its primary objectives. A puzzle game about drawing lines Trans Neuronica will challenge your brains and wits.

Monstro: Battle Tactics

Monstro takes the traditional tRPG gameplay and reconstructs it into a completely deterministic, logical experience with a twist of tactics. All of this is spiced up with ridiculous, tongue-in-cheek lore and approachable difficulty.

King Dugan’s Dungeon Lite

Beethro Budkin is a professional smitemaster, one of the best. But when he goes to clear King Dugan's dungeon things are not exactly the way they should be.

Machine at the Heart of the World

Made in a week for 2018 #MonoGameJam, a very peculiar puzzle game inspired by The Witness. Understand the language of an unknown civilization using only experimentation and solve 65 challenging tablets to see if the stopped earth can move again.

Latest posts
When to Optimize Code?

When to Optimize Code?

It’s very easy to optimize too early, wasting time and resources. Let’s talk about deciding when it makes sense to bother with your code’s speed and when it’s just going to generate problems for you.

Kulkis on Itch.io

Kulkis on Itch.io

Kulkis has been slightly updated and released as name-your-price on Itch.io. Also, I talk a bit about the game’s code and how it felt to get back to your old code.