Play King Dugan’s Dungeon Lite – Episode 2

Clean the dungeon of critters, monsters and goblins with your trusty Really Big Sword in this turn-based puzzle game


Clearing the first four floors of King Dugan’s Dungeon was a piece of cake for a smitemaster like Beethro, even if his professionalism won’t let him tell his employer that. But things never go as easy as one might wish. In the next four levels, Beethro encounters huge, slithering serpents whose thick hide is so tough even the Really Big Sword™ can’t scratch it. And there are rumors of the dreadful Living Tar…


In this game your objective is to clear every room of monsters and once you clear all the rooms, stairs to the next level will be unlocked. Beware that if you leave a room before finishing it, it will return to its original state.


  • 789 UO JKL or Numpad – move around
  • I or Numeric 5 – wait a turn
  • Q W – turn clockwise/counterclockwise
  • Backspace – undo last move
  • R – restart room
  • = – battle key (do the opposite of the last move)
  • X – lock/unlock leaving the room
  • Shift+(action) – perform the action followed by its opposite