Galagian source code & assets

Galagian source code & assets


Galagian source code and game art assets are released under Creative Common Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Github repository also contains assets that are subject to a different license.

Source code

All of the Galagian source code is available on github. The game is written in ActionScript 3.0 so a compiler is required. All information about compiling the project can be found in the repository, as well as information about the licenses.


This pack contains all the art from game Galagian which is a wave based space shooter. The art style is prerendered 3D models. This pack contains the following graphics:

Detailed breakdown

  • 15 enemy ships (including 1 animated enemy)
  • Bonus crystals
  • Explosion particle
  • Flame particle
  • Font used in the game (Goca Logotype Beta: Made & designed by Jonas Borneland Hansen “dafo”)
  • Hud graphics
  • Styled numbers
  • Player sprite (5 frames) with shield sprite
  • Preloader images
  • Projectiles
  • Game background, game over and title screen
  • PSD source for achievement icons and preloader screen
  • Unused achievement icons
  • Unused animated asteroid (16 frames)
  • Unused 5 asteroids
  • Unused a bunch of projectiles
  • Unused 5 hires ships
  • Unused old backgrounds and logos
  • A couple of other small things
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