What happened to Retrocade.net?

What happened to Retrocade.net?

Hi everyone.

I can’t know if you were a regular visitor to Retrocade.net nor if you knew RC.net’s games and projects, but I can surmise that if you’re reading this you are at least vaguely interested, which is good. As a curious person myself I always admire this trait in others!

My name is Maurycy, also known as skell and skellus. I’ve been the founder and main person behind Retrocade.net since its conception, but I have also released games before that under the aforementioned names as well as Dead Zoft, Bicyk and possibly more names that I can’t even remember anymore. About two months ago I made a decision to change the name of my studio to something different.

There are multiple reasons behind it so I will describe the three most important ones.

You have no idea how many times people have seen the name Retrocade and read it as Retro Arcade. Not every portmanteau makes for a good brand name, not to mention the fact that I was always bothered by the .net domain.

I had a sole proprietorship registered in Poland under the name Mauft.com and it was annoying always having to think which name to use. What if someone accuses me of fraud? What if someone decides I am untrustworthy because of that? And I couldn’t just switch to Mauft because it’s neither catchy nor easy to spell.

And finally big changes happened in my life (I became a parent) and with that came the realization that I want to change some things in my life. One of those changes is my approach to blogging, I feel like I have a lot of thoroughly thought-out things to say about games and game design that I really want to share but never had a venue nor knowledge how to do it best (thanks to Leo Faierman for showing me the life-changing joys of note taking). Another change is that thanks to a certain Zack Johnson I actually figured out how to finish Trans Neuronica. I hope because I figured it outmany times before.

And that’s really it. Keep watching this space for things about game development, game design, programming in general and in the context of game making and, of course, relatively random ramblings.

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