Gamedev updates: neuronic editors

Trans Neuronica news, Twin Peaks memes, and super short philosophical thought about how writing more is better than writing better when you're still at the early stage of writing, which is still not a promise that more will be written. Also now this summa...


Gamedev updates: neuronic editors

So I randomly stumbled upon this post on Jeff Atwood's blog: Quantity Always Trumps Quality. I'll spare you my thoughts about how I think it's a very good advice but, unlike many of the commenters, you shouldn't take it literally - I think Jeff didn't mean it literally. I'd like to live in a world where I can make quantity of posts, say every week, and learn quality that way! If I didn't know myself that well I'd make a promise here and now. But I promise - no promises!

Meme with Dale Cooper and text "This is, excuse me, a damn fine cup of advice"
"Cooper, you remind me today of a small Mexican chi-WOW-WOW."[1]

Let me tell you the progress I made over the last week on my projects. And by progress I mean... An actual prgress!

Trans Neuronica

Hard at work with the editor! Most of it is done - you can create campaign, add/remove/change/swap levels, save campaigns, the levels save, fixed loading, added support for importing levels from the Flash version (later I'll add support for importing levels from flash Linx). Here are some gifs:

Gif showing level editor in Trans Neuronica and button getting bigger with each click
Psst hey kids, wanna buy some button enlargement pills?
Gif showing level editor in Trans Neuronica and saving levels on change
Levels are saved on changed. Later it will also save every minute or so.
Gif showing level editor in Trans Neuronica and changing campaign name
Campaign name can be changed. I am pondering making a better text input widget later.
Gif showing level editor in Trans Neuronica and editing in boss mode
Boss edit mode allows you to edit multiple segments of the levels. That's what I am working right now, it's not quite finished.

I... Don't really have much more to say about Trans Neuronica. It's progressing nicely and I have finally figured how to tell the story. It'll be clever.

Unnamed roguelike (?)

A few days ago I started a new, side project. Something to work on when I don't feel like doing TN - it was meant to be a roguelike reinterpretation of Harvest Moon, but then I played the excellent Frog Fractions 2 and fell in love with TXTWorld segment of the game which, by the way, is heavily inspired by such classics as ZZT, DROD and Insanity.

Afterwards I decided to change the direction of the project a little.

It' going to be a reminiscent of the ANSI character-based games (so ZZT, Insanity, Kroz, Megazeux), DROD, Legend of Zelda and metroidvania-genre. I can't share more details for the simple reason there aren't any - besides still working on the engine I don't have the story and core mechanics fully-defined.

There are a few certain things: the theme will be your typical videogame fantasy and the game will follow protagonist's journey to relinquish his immortality. I am still brainstorming how to incorporate the immortality as an interesting game mechanic. The game is grid-based but real-time and features weapon system similar, but not identical, to DROD's.

And here are some fun bugs:

Gif of an unnamed roguelike gameplay, attacking enemies by trying to walk into a wall
You really shouldn't be able to hit enemies by walking into walls <_<
Gif of an unnamed roguelike gameplay, attacking yourself by walking away from your sword
If you face south and move north what happen? You hit yourself! >_>


  1. Screenshot from Twin Peaks (1990), memeified via