Galagian is now available

Galagian is now available

tl; dr; Galagian, a game I made in 2008, is now available on Retrocade in a slightly refreshed version. So give it a try.

Now, Galagian is probably the first or at least one of the first games I made in ActionScript 3.0. I had some slight experience before that with AS2, doing a Mario engine and some small experience working in AS3 in Flash Professional, but it was pretty much my first real project.

And it turned out… okay? The gameplay is fairly fun, the art, prerendered 3D models by Alex, is nice to the eye. The code, however, is awful. Later this week I’ll release it so prepare yourself for the madness that code is.

Like for example I didn’t understand display tree and interactive objects’ events, so instead of adding buttons to the screen and listening to an event “when mouse click happens on that button” I had one global Mouse Move and Mouse Click listeners and checked the position of the mouse. Ouch.

On a side note, as promised, Rock Rush’s source code and graphical assets are now available for free!

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